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Odinwell has developed a unique and patented optical technology for the development of smart wound care dressings. Consid-owned Paradigm had the opportunity to develop the brand and prepare for this summer’s IPO.

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With the date for their IPO quickly approaching, Odinwell asked Paradigm for help with a brand strategy and visual identity. As with all new companies, you need to know who you are and what you represent, before deciding on a voice, core message and identity. Odinwell was not just bringing a unique product to the market, but also a strong vision for how to transform wound care and help millions of people suffering from hard-to-heal wounds. They do, literally, shine a new light on the complex healing process below the barrier of a wound care dressing. This should, somehow, be reflected in how they present themselves.


After a range of workshops Paradigm helped Odinwell set a brand platform, including a big idea and brand values, and create a compelling brand story. This process also gave birth to several ideas for a look and feel of the brand. An idea for a visual identity that draws inspiration from both the wound healing process and Odinwell’s innovative technology got all thumbs up.


With the brand thoroughly defined, content for the web could be developed simultaneously with the visual identity. Extreme close-ups of skin and the fragile, complex healing process in wounds was transformed into an abstract graphic element that highlights what we cannot see with the naked eye. And from the very core of the innovative technology, i.e., fluorescent light in all possible colors, came the inspiration to use gradients and a wide range of colors. The color palette also celebrated the ability to “see” with the help of color. To highlight facts and important information, “The Eye” was created.

The need to improve wound care globally is enormous. Odinwell’s technology will fill a vital need (void). This “void” was illustrated by the missing piece in “w” in the logo. Finally, it all came together – some elements animated – on the website as well as in a digital sales presentation. 

About Odinwell

Odinwell is a Swedish medtech company with a patented optical technology for assessment of covered wounds. They help their partners develop smart wound care dressings and solutions for more accurate wound care management, improving patient and financial outcomes.

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