SAFe®, Leading SAFe® and SAFe® for Teams

Sirius is a global insurance company undergoing digital transformation to better meet the needs of its customers. An important strategic focus in this transformation is to get employees and teams to work more agile with common philosophies and models. We helped them out!


As part of making the organization more agile, it was decided to conduct two certifying SAFe® courses, Leading SAFe® and SAFe® for Teams, for the company’s development department.

The customer was looking for a partner who could develop, implement and facilitate the training efforts. The participants worked around Sirius’ global organization where they set specific requirements for implementation and content.


Consid produced a course material specifically adapted for Sirius and also a digital implementation. Both courses were conducted in a remote environment using digital tools for video communication, facilitation and exercises.

The content of the training was designed according to Sirius’ conditions, where examples and exercises were based on the organization’s current labor law, models and development projects. The adjustment was made to create added value for the participants and the organization as a whole.

The training took place during one month and covered a total of over 50 employees.


The results of the courses were great, with very satisfied course participants. After the implementation, there was a homogeneous basis and understanding of an agile approach according to SAFe®.

The collaboration between Consid and Sirius worked very well and was key to an effective training process. The positive outcome has to do with the fact that the supplier was allowed to work very close to the customer’s business. The outcome of the training has been an effective way of working and a unified way of working across the organization. This has created a higher level of commitment among employees and Sirius now has faster access to new rollouts.

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