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Launching a new intranet builds trust and is absolutely the right way to go. The Swedish Maritime and Water Administration enlisted the help of Consid to streamline communication, cooperation and access to information.

The challenge

Due to the current situation with Covid-19, there was a clear focus from the Swedish Maritime and Water Administration: get the new intranet ready as soon as possible. A new intranet is well needed, when many are forced to work from home. The intranet will be the digital coffee room where employees can feel that their colleagues are still there for collaboration and socialization.

With an offensive but effective time frame, we have gone from idea to finished product in just six months. Flexibility and mutual trust between customer and Consid have been important when facing many challenges along the way, in a high pace with quick decisions.

The solution

Consid’s work began with a feasibility study that showed the need to divide the project into two parts. Instead of having certain parts of the employee web open to everyone and other parts in logged-in mode, Consid proposed that all internal information should be collected in an intranet while the external information should be on the external web. One project and two products, in other words.

The first product is a modern intranet that simplifies internal communication as well as information and document management in large volumes. It will also now be easier to collaborate since they can create cross-functional groups, something that facilitates the exchange of knowledge and participation. In addition, the new intranet helps strengthen social cohesion by allowing employees to share more mundane matters, such as various sports activities.

The result

The new intranet creates opportunities to communicate in a completely different way. Employees work with everything from research and guidance to digitization and communication. In the new intranet, each employee now has their own profile which means that the right skills can be found quickly and easily.

The new intranet was launched on March 25 2020 and now the project continues with part two – the external web, which is also being developed by Consid.

About the Swedish Maritime Administration

The Swedish Maritime Administration, headquartered in Gothenburg, works to solve important environmental problems and create sustainable management of seas, lakes and watercourses in Sweden. The agency currently has about 400 employees and due to the current situation in the world, their mission is more important than ever.

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