Communication and a concept that could bring the international sales force together -We developed the concept “Myskundskap”.


Contura needed a renewal of communication and a concept that could bring the international sales force together in terms of content marketing as well as campaigns. Consid Communication stepped in! But how is a stove manufacturer unique in an industry where everyone talks “cozy”? Our solution was to make cozy… science.


Contura are good at showing off their fireplaces, in text and image. But it’s around the fireplace the magic is created. We developed the concept “Myskundskap”, which is based on Contura sharing her solid knowledge and experiences about “Swedish cozy”. Our goal was for Contura to increasingly contribute with value and knowledge and sell a lifestyle rather than a product.


The word “Myskundskap” has been translated into several languages, and has been met with great commitment by the sales organization. There is now a common platform for content and marketing, which provides opportunities to communicate about everything from scrap cookies to social games. 

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