When we first came in contact with Evidensia, there was a need for an updated intranet to increase efficiency and better collaboration opportunities. Initially, the focus was on Sweden, then the Nordic countries, and today the organisation has the same intranet in all European countries. Read more about how we proceeded below.


In a first step, the challenge was to move from an old, over staffed and non-motivating intranet in order to create an intranet focusing on usability, accessibility, being efficient and being able to communicate within the entire organisation. The second step of the challenge was to get the intranet to other countries.


It was clear that the mission was creating a communication platform that allows several national versions, where both visual details and effective communication was key. Creating a new intranet together with the possibility of further development and adaptation to new countries became the initial foundation of the assignment.


SiteVision became the solution that best suited Evidensia’s needs. A Swedish intranet was launched in early 2017 followed by a launch in Norway, the rest of the Nordic countries, and the remaining European countries.


As for now, the entire IVC Group has one intranet, where employees can collaborate effectively and exchange experiences and skills. Increased collaboration and more efficient internal communication are a result of the new intranet.

– Using the intranet today compared to the old one is a new deal. The new system makes it easy to access and authorise material. Several animal hospitals have started working in groups and sharing information instead of emailing. It’s also easier to highlight all the good things in the news feed and that’s fun, says Maria Hofling, Intranet Project Manager at Evidensia.

About Evidensia

Evidensia is one of Europe’s leading animal health care chains with over 170 animal hospitals and clinics, visited annually by one million patients in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and England. Evidensia was founded in 2012, when some of Sweden’s leading animal hospitals merged, and today they have about 8,000 employees. They are a part of the IVC Group.

"Using the intranet is easier today."

Maria Hofling, Evidensia

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