Nexans: The world's first cable sweater

Nexans is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of cables, and also market leaders in Sweden. With over 26,000 employees in 40 countries, they aim to facilitate the everyday life of all those who work with cables. Read more about how Nexans will take a bigger place in the fiber market and increase sales.


The target group is installers, contractors, city networks and wholesalers, a diversified target group of clients, projectors and technicians. Many are described as difficult to influence so the biggest challenge in this campaign was to stand out among a number of players and get the target group to understand what differentiates Nexan’s fiber cables from other competitors, so that people buy Nexans cables instead of other alternatives.


Our idea came from one of Nexan’s most important features: the perfect flexibility and ability to be bent without breaking. The solution became the world’s first cable jersey. What was required was a knitting expert and the best fiber cable in the market. A creative DM created what was needed and the target group was taken to a campaign site where it was possible to learn more about what separates Nexan’s cables from others, in the form of evidence, arguments and facts about the uniqueness of the cables. There was also a movie where we put the sweater to some tough tests to highlight other features.


The campaign’s results were far above expectations and it has also been rewarded in the advertising competition Gold key.

"What was required was a knitting expert and the best fiber cable in the market."

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