A scalable solution that can be adapted to different markets and countries – that’s what NIBE needed help with. Read more about how the cost-effective and strategic Small, Medium, Large concept got shaped.


At the beginning, there was a clear challenge in building a new web platform – to create a scalable solution that could be used by all company’s and their markets. NIBE needed this for better communication and for a clearer structure, to be able to focus more on the customer experience on the website.

The assignment consisted in creating a scalable platform structure that could be applied in all countries. It also included an upgrade of both external web and interface as well as PIM systems and architecture.


The solution is called the Small, Medium, Large concept – a large digital platform structure that can be jacked into all subsidiaries, and to all markets and countries. 

Templates are adapted to different sizes and can be reused with architecture, interfaces and PIM systems.

The concept includes a SiteVision-based website and a PIM system in inRiver linked to it.

The goal of making it easier for customers began with the UX. You can now be guided correctly based on your unique situation, accommodation and needs.


NIBE now has a scalable website that is managed globally from the head office in Markaryd. NIBE’s all sites, in different languages ​​and to different markets, also have the right graphical profile but at the same time they can be adapted to the market’s needs and demands.

The Small, Medium, Large concept has been launched in most markets, including Sweden, Germany and the UK. Now other markets, and eventually subsidiaries awaits. 

– The collaboration with Consid has been characterized by a shared view of strengthening and simplifying the customer experience. Now it’s time for the next step – to get the website out in other countries, Magnus Axelsson, Marketing Communications Manager at NIBE Energy Systems, says.

About NIBE

NIBE Energy Systems is the Nordic region’s largest producer of energy products for villas and properties. The company is based in Markaryd and active in 27 countries on five continents and has more than 15,000 employees worldwide.

"The collaboration with Consid has been characterized by a shared view of strengthening and simplifying the customer experience."

Magnus Axelsson, NIBE

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