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SSAB’s use of icons and illustrations lacked consistency. We helped them develop a clear and distinctive icon that would work. Read more below!


When operating in a large number of international markets, the visual expressions can easily change. SSAB’s use of icons and illustrations was widespread and lacked consistency. We stepped in and developed a clear and distinctive icon that would work for the company’s various brands in markets around the world.


We wanted to create a clear contrast between more human expressions and the products. We have used both round and sharp shapes, where the starting point has been elements from SSAB’s logo. In addition, the icons would be simple with a clear symbolism.

In the first stage, we created 155 icons, which the customer needed in four different formats in 12 different colors. That’s unmanageable over time. Therefore, we proposed a digital icon library, where the icons are presented neatly and clearly by category. The icons are generated based on users’ preferences in format and color and are easily downloaded.


The icons and the solution have been very well received by SSAB. The icon library is smart and the page is updated based on what’s in the folder. This means minimal code, easy administration and fast loading. The result is an efficient tool that saves a lot of handling time minimizing the risk of using outdated icons. The library can easily be expanded and the work of developing new icons is ongoing.

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