The RO Group

For many years, The RO Group have actively worked to strengthen their brand and their internal culture. People in the organization thrive and many customers testify to a great deal of confidence in the brand. Mecka was asked to develop a campaign to take The RO Group one step further. Check it out!


The RO Group want to reach real estate owners and expansive companies who are considering building their own office. They influence decisions on construction, remodeling or extension and they have expectations and requirements regarding finances, quality and time frames. They are responsible for complex projects and have a stressed situation.

Through interviews, we found out that they value a committed partner. A partner with straight and open dialogues and a constructive way of being; a committed construction partner for your smooth and safe process.


The customer knows that building is a complex process. A lot can go wrong. Many of The RO Group’s customers are satisfied and testify that The RO Group deliver finances, quality and meet deadlines through commitment, responsiveness and good personal chemistry. The RO Group are driven by challenges and solving customer problems. Mecka wanted to make a campaign about that good feeling when something feels really good: Woop woop! 

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