Your online visibility – how searchable is your web?

High search engine ranking of websites and content depend on hundreds of parameters that are evaluated at every single search. The organic ranking of your website has a critical effect on your visibility, credibility, and profitability.

SEO – long-lasting and cost-efficient

SEO, Search Engine Optimisation, is neither mystical nor difficult to explain – basically, it’s all about optimizing your website and making it attractive and easy to grasp for the search engines. So how is this done? By ensuring that the technical quality is high, the content is relevant and easily interpreted, and the credibility is high also from an external perspective (through links, for example). The importance of SEO boils down to Google’s focus on usability – if Google believes that your website fulfills the users’ needs and provides a good overall user experience, chances of high ranking in the search results are really good.

By investing in great organic visibility, you can make the search engines work for you instead of your competitors. Still many companies don’t realize the potential here. Every day countless users look for the same products and services that your company offers – wouldn’t you like them to spot your business first?

Our SEO process

Divided into four steps, our SEO audit gives you all the insights you need to improve the organic ranking of your website.

  1. Keyword analysis
    Insights about your users’ interests, intentions, and behaviour, as well as the overall market, allow us to optimize your website’s content to attract an increased number of the right type of visitors, leads, and purchases.
  2. Technical SEO analysis
    In this step we focus on the technical functionality and how this affects your visibility in the search engines. Google promotes user-friendly, fast, informative, and unique websites that provide the information your users need and look for. But to determine which website should rank no 1, Google’s robot must be able to read and understand the content and structure of your website – and this is what technical SEO does.
  3. On-page analysis
    Here we go through what internal aspects on the actual website affect the visibility in search engines. Our recommendation is to start with a keyword analysis to determine what keywords and concepts you want to be connected with in Google. This part also focuses on finding the keywords that drive, and will continue to drive, relevant traffic to the website, and how many searches these keywords account for each month. Finally, we compare your website’s content with the results of the analysis – what content do you need to add or change?
  4. Off-page analysis
    This step involves the external aspects that affect Google visibility, such as number of links, how the links are designed and how useful they are.

The SEO audit is summarised in a detailed report that we’ll go through together with you on your preferred level. In addition, we’ll provide a priority list of our recommended actions to take, a document that will also support the continuous SEO work. The report is your exclusive material; feel free to carry on with the SEO work yourselves or together with another partner. Just remember that we at Consid are always happy to continue working with you.

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