Your public face – how strong is your web?

A great experience that helps your users to reach their goals, can make wonders for your profitability. Learn how a UX Audit can give useful insights about your users’ behaviours and if your website meets their needs. 

Great UX – a substantial part of the digital journey

Our experienced UX team consists of UX designers, UX strategists, UX writers, and SEO specialists. Together they possess the knowledge and tools to quickly identify potential points of improvements in the most crucial user flows on your web and e-services. The UX audit allows us to analyse flows and functions that will lead to clear, concrete recommendations on how you can optimize the user experience – simply, safely and effectively.

Great UX is created through a fundamental understanding of the user’s situation and needs, as well as operational goals. This is why we provide holistic solutions and a complete setup consisting of the UX team, developers, and brand experts. Their vast know-how, experience, and skills will support you throughout your digital journey.

Our UX audit process

  1. Scope
    Together with you we begin the process by defining focus and scope of the audit. This step involves identifying target groups, what the users aim for, what platforms they use, and what user flows are most critical.
  2. Audit
    Following a comprehensive and well worked out check list, our UX team performs a systematic analysis of the website or e-service. Every point of improvement is scrutinized and organized on a scale from critical to low-risk. Finally, we present the results in a clear and concise report.
  3. Results and recommendations
    The UX audit generates a UX grade, which is an assessment of the current usability of your website or e-service. Together with you we’ll take you through the results and final report, always ensuring that you will make the most of our recommendations and suggestions for improvement and take your user experience to another level.

Try it out

Would you like to run a quick and light UX audit yourself? Download our free UX audit template to get started.

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