Voices from our employees

Are you curious about what the role as a Recruiter includes or how an ordinary day as an Android Developer might look like? Check out some of our employees’ stories below.

Sabir Quazi
Android Developer

About 1.5 years ago I said so long to my old workplace and hello to Consid and I enjoy it more and more every day. When I first started, I immediately felt that this was a workplace where you can have fun together, both during and after office hours. “If you work hard you will have fun” was the feeling that came to me – and it fits so well. I work as an Android Developer in Stockholm and have the opportunity to work with Java, JS, Angular, C# and React. It means a lot of variety which I think is super fun! I like the company for a number of reasons, but something I like a lot about it is the opportunity to be a part of a project where I have direct contact with the daily user. This way I get to see how our customers handle the application we have developed. To me, creating customer benefits with good code and structure – that’s everything!

Marika Bråson
HR and Recruitment

Consid is really the workplace where healthy values ​​take place and where there is a good mix of entrepreneurship and a lot of energy. I feel happy every morning when I get to the office. To be a part of such a happy work environment where you find expertise everywhere – that’s actually so great. Consid has raised the bar of what it should look like at todays’ workplaces. I started at Consid in Karlshamn and Karlskrona February 2019, but I already feel so at peace. I work with HR and recruitment, so the best part of my job is to meet new candidates and possibly new colleagues on a daily basis and to see Consid grow. The company is both cool and generous and has a style that is completely out of the ordinary! I mean, who doesn’t want to work in a place like that?

Mikael Axelsson
Web Developer

I remember being very nervous about my first day at Consid. My expectations were high, but I quickly realized that I had nothing to be nervous about. I was welcomed with a huge openness and an opportunity to contribute in many different ways. I’m proud of Consid and our ambition to change the industry and the society for the better. I have been working with Web Development since September 2017, both Frontend with Javascript and Backend with C# in Uppsala, but I’m also helping students who write their degree work at the office in Uppsala. It gives me a lot of joy in addition to my job!

Joakim Andersson
Content Manager – Marketing

Consid is a company with a lot going on and there’s a forward thinking I really enjoy. I value entrepreneurship and I believe it’s key to success in many ways. That’s why I like Consid so much – because they value it too. It was the entrepreneurial spirit I initially met when I started in 2018. It felt extremely positive, and it still does today. Few companies have succeeded in growing as much as Consid has in such a short period of time. But the employees are highly prioritized, always. I enjoy being among my colleagues at the Gothenburg office and with my team in the Marketing Department because it’s never boring or hard to go to work and I honestly don’t remember the last time I had anxiety on a Sunday.

Louise Krause
UX/UI Designer

As an IT consultant it’s easy to just be sent out to a client and feel “off I go”, but I feel that Consid also want you to feel at home at the offices. Right now I’m working with a client where I’m the only UX/UI Designer and that can be difficult when you want to come up with new ideas. That’s why it’s so nice to know that I always have a place at Consid where I can check my ideas with my colleagues. I have been working at Consid in Gothenburg since the summer of 2018 and I really feel that I have found the right place for me. It’s such an open and inviting culture and it’s actually the first company where I have really felt at home and where I dare to express my goals and visions.

Martin Arvedahl
DevOps Developer

I really like Consid because of the strong support, the open community and the stable platform it offers. In my role I get the opportunity to be challenged, develop as a person and contribute with the things I’m good at. I started at Consid in Gothenburg in September 2018 and I have been at Telia TV up until today. As they embarked on their DevOps journey, it felt exciting to be a part of it all and to move it in the right direction. On an ordinary day I’m with my team on the Backend side of Telia TV where I work with Quality Assurance, Testing and Development. Our responsibility is to develop the core of the platform: to package information from the content providers in a way that allows users to quickly find out what programs, films and series are available. It’s a mix of problem solving, coding, clarifying and being on various meetings, but it also includes Swedish “fika” and celebrations of the progress we make. I enjoy it all!

Anna Kaiser
HR and Recruitment

The very first day I stepped into the office, a sunny day in October a year ago, I knew that Consid was right for me. I enjoy it so much – having the opportunity to work with recruitment and HR at a family-owned company who has the heart in the right place and where employees care about each other and have so much fun together. Everyday I’m impressed that we have managed to keep the feeling of “home” despite being one of Sweden’s fastest growing IT consulting companies. Consid gives us the opportunity to grow as a team, but there is also plenty of room for individual development. My workplace is just right in time and the development makes every day different.

"I’m proud of Consid and our ambition to change the industry and the society for the better."

Mikael Axelsson, Web Developer

"At Consid, I dare to express my goals and visions."

Louise Krause, UX/UI-designer

Career company of the year six times in a row

Karriärföretagen is an annual award which is being given to an exclusive number of employers in Sweden. The award is a Swedish quality seal that is given to employers who show the highest possible quality in the work for their employees. Consid has been named one of Sweden’s 100 Career Companies six consecutive years. Read more about the award here!